Nida’s Project Final Proposal

Final Project Proposals

My life can be accurately summed up as a collection of food experiences and I have been considering many possibilities for a project that could combine this film class with my love of food for several weeks now. I have finally decided that for my final project, I want to embody a film that is entirely based around French cuisine: Julie and Julia. I will literally steal the plot and apply it to my life by embodying the role that Julie plays and replicating her goal in the film: to recreate Julia Child’s recipes as a personal challenge and keep an updated blog to chronicle her experiences. I certainly don’t plan on cooking every single recipe in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking (1961) within the next month as Julie had planned to do in an year. My personal preferences in food are all baked delights and I will definitely be making the following three recipes from that category that are highlighted in the film: Upside Down Apple Tart, Chocolate Soufflé, and Raspberry Bavarian Cream Cake, and I will also be making whichever recipes throughout the cookbook I personally find appealing. Significant in the film are parts of the film’s cooking scenes where Julie has revelations and realizations about not only cooking but also about her own life. There are also plenty of moments of hilarious and sometimes upsetting accidents and the difficulties she faces. For the personal entertainment of all people who will be informed of my experiences as I go about this project, I will be sure to include those types of instances that I personally encounter.

A second layer of the film is Julie’s use of a blog to chronicle her experiences, both in her life and in her cooking journey. Following this layout from the film as a tool for my presentation, I will be creating a wordpress blog highlighting all the recipes that I will be making and also include personal text in those posts before and after the recipe. Before I state the recipe, I will have a blurb on my personal life that led me to choose the particular recipe and explain the significance to myself personally. After the recipe is stated in the body of the post, I will relay the issues I faced and idea on how to potentially avoid the mistakes I made. The recipe posts will include images of the final creation that I will take of my own creations and also screenshots if the recipe was shown in the film as well all situated at the beginning of each post. This layout is meant to mimic Julie’s style of blogging in the film. In order to create a stronger connection to the film, I will take screen grabs from the film and use them in all applicable posts. Sometimes they may be of the same food item I am making, and other times they may be a different food item that uses the same technique that the item I made uses. For example, if there is a screen grab of Julie making an egg dish, I can apply to to any egg dish I make, giving me a wider array of options for comparisons to the movie.

The blog itself will have a homepage that has a chronological list of all my posts scrolling down and several page links across the top of the site to organize the blog more. There will be an About page to explain the origins of the blog, my idea of implementing Julie and Julia into my life, and why I chose to do this project versus any other option. There will also be page links per type of recipe such as Sauces, Breads, Desserts, etc. and on each page I will link to any relevant blog posts where I have created an item under that category. Aesthetically, the blog must be well organized and easy to follow as a recipe blog and also provide some explanation of how the blog is relevant to this film class.

Besides my love of food and my desire to find a way to incorporate it into my final project, I want to do a project like this because I want to show that films can be relatable to our lives as viewers. Many films like Julie and Julia are often put aside in modern day cinematography because they are not the flashy, dramatic, out of this world, exciting films that tend to capture audiences, nor is it a film on a highly debatable topic that inspires deep discussion after the film. These quiet films are the ones that run most parallel to the average person’s life and I believe that we can use them to reflect on our own lives more than we can with other kinds of films.

At the end of the project, I plan to complete 2-3 recipes a week, within text posts, spanning the period of the next month. I hope to have completed a project that inspires some learning in the kitchen as well as some reflection on myself and my life that can be related through my cooking, much as Julie did throughout the film.

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Peter’s Final Project Proposal

Final Project ProposalsAlright, so after hemming and hawing with a plethora of ideas such as types of movies, awards won and why, who does what and where and at what time period I’ve thought of over 20 ideas, yet, none of these enticed me nor seemed very narrow. I either had an idea that sounded great on paper, but was hard to execute, or something that was easy to execute and narrow, but I didn’t have enough scenes to work with. The idea that finally led me to this idea of creating a mash-up of cliches, one, if executed correctly, would create a nicely formulated poem/creative prose that would have some type of fluency. Yet, the theme was not there, but after remembering one of the most quoted lines of all time, it finally hit me…”Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” AND THAT’S IT!!

I will engage with Clint Eastwood films, particularly, Clint Eastwood shooting people and things, which of course he loves to do. Since he has been in over 20 films, I will have plenty of scenes to work with, great lines that lead up to shots being fired, all focusing on one of the great cultural icons of masculinity. With myself having been on a Clint Eastwood movie binge before, I know how amazing of an actor he is and how his deadpan expression and curt responses can create a beautiful “calm before the storm” effect, thus allowing my piece to have a strong sense of tension along with an exorbitant amount of action and of course, death. My audience will, in effect, be large, catering not only to the Clint Eastwood fans of the world, but any film viewer who enjoys action and watching people get shot. Which I’m sure is a large audience, who doesn’t enjoy death? Thus, armed with this idea of death, action, and all around masculinity, I have begun my slow but enduring journey into finding all Clint Eastwood movies, which will be my raw material. These will include, but not be limited to: A Fist Full of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Hang Em High, Coogans Bluff, Two Mules for Sister Sara, Magnum Force, Joe Kidd, Dirty Harry, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Unforgiven, and of course, Gran Torino. Utilizing these movies, which I already have most of, will allow me to have access to over several dozen shootouts, target practices, and copious amounts of death. I can have all different types of shots like long range sniper shots, short range suspenseful shots, ones with a quick draw and ones in which Clint Eastwood is basically just a straight boss saying some sweet one-liner right before blowing some guys head off. All in all, I feel as though this is narrow, specific, entails a theme and a specific actor, and has all the necessary means in which to create a great piece. I thought this was a good idea after seeing the natalie portman cries a lot video, which got me to thinking about what other type of actor does something similiar, in the sense that they do it often. Thus the idea of Clint Eastwood shooting off a .347 magnum was born!

Finally, of course I will need some type of program to make this idea feasible, so I am choosing to use a video editing software, but since I am not well versed in this type of software, I feel like that will be the hardest part for myself. Thus, I hope by the end of this project I will be able to correctly use, even on a basic level, video software on macs. Heck, maybe I’ll actually become a mac user, you never know, I might become entrenched in the idea of being able to be creative in other ways. All in all, this is a large step outside my comfort zone because I have, up until this point, only had creative experience in writing prose, poetry, and fiction. Of course if this idea is too optimistic, I can always take the easy way out, spend a maximum of a few hours on make poems and prose based off of films, maybe remake the ended of some of my favorite films in writing form, the possibilities are endless when in comes to expressing myself in written format. But, I feel like this is creating myself in some sense, which is why I chose to pursue this scary situation instead. We experience the most growth when out of our comfort zone, and that is exactly where I intend to place myself.

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Alex’s Project Proposal

Final Project ProposalsWhen I started to think about what I wanted for my project I wasn’t sure about much but I was sure that I wanted to explore a genre. I wanted to explore the history of a genre by through video form. Originally I wanted to make a video on the genre of monster films but I decided that I would shift to the Gangster genre. Though many contemporary Gangster films are well known there is a long and rich history of gangster films to draw from for this project. To start off my project I plan on capturing clips from famous and critically acclaimed films throughout the genres history. I would then take these moments from the films throughout the history of the gangster genre and use them to create a series of montages. These montages would then be used edited together for the theme and direction of the final product of my video. The end result will be a video that covers the history of gangster films through the use of clips from different era’s and also telling the story arc of the gangster genre by creating it using the clips. I am going to be using these moments from gangster movies throughout history to create the basic story acts from the gangster genre. The video will use clips from the various films through the history of gangster films and use them to play out the basic story arc of the genre
Gangster films if examined can be largely summed up by looking at the basic premise it has held from the start. The first act consists of a down out of luck anti-hero from a bad neighborhood finds himself unable to live or succeed in American society in a way usually sympathetic to the audience. In the second Act the anti-hero embraces a life of criminal activity and exploitation of others to make it in America. In the third Act the anti-hero usually achieves success from his exploitation and the success is fetishized and glamorized for the audience. In the fourth act the anti-hero through his own actions usually immoral to the audience begins a swift downfall from prestige, success or power. In the fifth act the anti-hero pays for his actions with his life and serves as a lesson in either social conditions or morality. Not all gangster films strictly adhere to this format. Some films empathize with their characters like Menace II Society and others revile them like Goodfellas. Different movies play around with the format of the gangster genre but they all start from this premise. It is this premise that I am going to create using clips from Gangster films throughout the genre’s history.
Gangster films often strike up images of recent films or maybe even movies from the 70s like the Godfather but they have been around from nearly the beginning of cinema. The first ever gangster film The Black Hand is from 1906 while the first major gangster film The Musketeers of Pig Alley dates to 1912 and was directed by W.D. Griffith. Gangster films have been around for a while and this long history offers a rich field of films to choose from. I plan on using scenes from The Public Enemy (1931), Public Enemies (2009), White Heat (1949), Juice (1992), Scarface (1983), Scarface (1932), Menace II Society (1993), The Petrified Forrest (1936), Goodfellas (1990), Casino (1995), Layer Cake (2004), Once Upon a Time in America (1984), The Godfather (1972), The Godfather II (1974) and The Godfather II (1990). I may use scenes from more films or maybe this list may be too many, I’ll find out when I start to put the video project together. As it is now I plan on using films that are primarily gangster films so noir films or thrillers won’t be used. If some films may be several stories like the Godfather which is also an immigrant story among others as well as a gangster film it might be used. I am not sure about films that are both gangster and cop films. Films like the French Connection, New Jack City, King of New York and so on. They do have great characters who are gangsters and they follow the gangster character arc that I described above but they aren’t just gangster Genre films so I am not sure if I should use them. I also have been sticking to mostly American films; do you think I should include from other cinemas like Hong Kong, China or Japan or would that not work. I may or may not include films or mixed genre or films from other cinemas yet but I plan on exploring them and seeking other points of view on films that I should use.

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Julia’s Final Project Proposal

Final Project ProposalsIf I haven’t made it obvious already, I’m obsessed with all things Disney. I love the movies, the theme parks, the music, just everything that Disney has created. They have so many genius works, and I want to take a closer look into their latest phenomenons, Tangled and Frozen.  Both these films have joined the ranks as “Disney Classics,” as Pixar is not involved and they are in a musical format. However, Disney presents them both in computer animation, much like in Pixar movies. In other words, they put a modern spin on the classic musical movies that Disney is famous for. These movies are similar in so many ways, which highlights the idea that Disney has figured out what people are most entertained by, and used that to their advantage.  This is in no way a drawback about Disney because despite the similarities, they managed to create so many great films, each with their own prestige and entertainment value.

For my project, I want to draw the parallels between the two movies, since they are very similar in characters and themes.  These parallels include: a girl with special powers who is trapped all her life but finally escapes and is on the run from something because of those power, a guy with a large animal that acts like a dog, a random sidekick for comic relief, a girl falling in love with the guy with the animal who helps her complete her “mission”, and more!

I will most likely do this in video format using iMovie on my computer, since I know that program pretty well, but I would still like to explore its different uses. I am going to find clips from both movies that I can cut together to show each aspect that I want to compare.  These clips would be very short just to illustrate my point because I think it would be overkill to include an entire scene from the movies.  Then I’ll use text in between clips to introduce each new idea. However, I might try to edit and mix the clips a little more than just showing one movie than the other movie then the text and repeat, again, to increase the interest value.  To draw the attention of Disney lovers and not, I will try to make these transitions more interesting by making them colorful and using imagery as well as including humor and phrases that spark intrigue and curiosity in any person who enjoys movies (and weird theories).  I want people to be asking the question, “Wait how can you make that comparison?” I don’t think I’m going to superimpose the clips together, as I would rather show the audience the clips separately to really give them a chance to see how similar the ideas really are.  My hope, also, is that the video is not too long because I don’t want it to drag and become boring, but I also want to make sure I fully explore the parallel, and that it is eye-catching and entertaining.

To take it a step further, I am going to cut together the soundtracks, since they are an integral part of both movies. Although the music in each is composed by different people, I believe that they still have a similar sound and will flow together smoothly. I’ll probably use audacity to edit the music together in a way that shows this parallel, and have it playing behind the clips and images that I put in the video.  If there is dialogue I want to use in the movie clips, I can have the music volume decrease for that part.  I don’t think it would work well to completely cut the soundtrack out for clips with dialogue because it might make it a little choppy sounding.  I want to do this to get a better handle on how to use this program since it is very user-friendly, and it has a lot of potential to make some great projects.

At the end of the video, I want to show the one real difference between that two movies and that is the idea of true love saving the day.  This is a common theme in Disney, so of course it shows up in both these movies too. However, usually true love implies a romantic relationship between a man and a woman (Rapunzel’s kiss saves Flynn), but Frozen completely blows this cookie-cutter idea out of the water when her sister’s love is what save’s Anna, not her crush Christophe. I really love this plot twist because Disney “did what they always do” but at the same time, they changed it up to keep everyone on their feet. Girl power for the win!!

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Ahmed’s Final Project Proposal

Final Project ProposalsHave you ever sat in a room with four other people and just tried to figure out what you want to do? It sounds tremendously easy especially if you are all friends that have the same exact mindset as each other, but then the ideas start flowing. One after the next, and each one more intricate than the last, like when someone said, “WE SHOULD REENACT THE BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY SCENE FROM WAYNE’S WORLD BUT DO IT ALL A CAPPELLA,” everyone jumped at the idea and exclaimed how great it would be, but we decided it would be too easy and that we could do way better than that, so the ideas kept flowing. After hours of contemplating one tends to feel overwhelmed near the end when everyone just wants to go home and sleep. But that is when the decision is made. For me, it happened around 11, when everyone started yawning. We decided that the best idea was the first one we came up with. We decided to do a medley of songs from Quentin Tarantino movies.
Finally, those seven or eight years of music I have under my belt can kick in and do something good for once rather than just be nothing. However, due to the limited words in the songs, we will be doing it a capella. We decided to include songs that are essentially famous for being in a Tarantino film, as well as others that were famous long before the movies. The list of songs has yet to be finalized, but we are hoping to include “Stayin Alive” by The Bee Gees and “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra along with “Woo Hoo” by the’s and many others. For the most part it will be up tempo and will feature songs from almost all of the Tarantino films.
The songs we chose are fun songs that cater to the entire Tarantino audience as well as music fanatics in general. The reason we chose Quentin Tarantino films is because he had always been great at choosing the music that accompanies his films. Also, they are all really fun to do and have not been done before. The fact that we are the first to do it poses a bigger challenge because we don’t have anyone to base our singing parts off of.
Unfortunately, the music video has yet to be decided on, however, that is more of a secondary objective seeing as how the recording and its quality are more important. Once we finish the recording of the actual soundtrack we will find a video idea and lipsync our mouths to the words and sounds. Also, we may just record ourselves tastefully while recording the music like how many musicians tend to do when their music comes before any kind of aesthetic pleasure or perfection.
We will still be using voice editing software along with a studio microphone, and possibly a camera with video editing software. The video is the only questionable part as of right now, I hope we can do one because it will reach a wider audience because a lot more people prefer to watch something rather than hear it alone, but it will be difficult with the time constraints.
Before I  go I feel like I should introduce you to those who are going to help me with this project. Just remember that this is tentative, we all have our own lives and, even though we are friends, we do not get to see each other a lot, so this is a stable lineup thus far but it may change due to unforeseen reasons. (Top Left: Sarah C. (Alto) Top Right: Matt Y. (Beatbox) Bottom Left: Matt R. (Tenor) Bottom Right: Jessica M (Soprano))

SarahMatt Y.Matt R.Jessica

These people are fantastically talented and I can not wait to start working with them on this project. And I hope you guys enjoy the final project we can produce.

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Elan’s Final Project: Disney’s Frozen: A One-Man Dub

Final Project Proposals

Disney’s Frozen: A One-Man Dub

For my final Project I will be voicing over the dialogue and songs of all characters in the movie Frozen. I intend to emulate the original actor’s voices as closely as possible.I will record video of myself performing, viewable side by side with the original Disney animation. For materials I will be using a microphone, a high definition webcam, and the original copy of Disney’s Frozen. I expect to use Audacity for recording and audio editing and Sony Vegas for combining the multiple video tracks onto one screen. Frozen already has a very large established audience. This being a fan made project, I think it would be welcomed in that community. I would also like to make this project in a way that I can show my friends to enjoy.

I have my work cut out for me, as the range of voices in Frozen are as vibrant as the animation, and the voices are as diverse as the characters they belong to. My biggest obstacle is going to be the range I will need for my voice in order to pull of sounding anything like the actual characters. This is also one of my main motivations for choosing a movie like Frozen, however. I love the idea of voice acting but as of yet I have never actually produced anything before, despite the preparations I have made in order to do so.

I really enjoy Frozen, as do many of my friends, because of the underlying themes of depression and anxiety that nobody really expected in a Disney princess film. These are things I can relate to personally and I believe it will help my performance to really carry the emotion into my acting. There are also many songs, which I think will be very enjoyable to work on. Rather than simply voicing the characters’ speaking roles, I will also be singing for each character, in their voice part. I hope to either do this very well and amaze people, or at least perform it spectacularly badly, that way people can still find it amusing.

The two aspects of this project I worry about are the range and the time constraints. I used to sing with others in a choral ensemble in high school, but since then I haven’t practiced using my voice very much. increasing my range isn’t necessarily difficult, but it takes patience and a lot of time. I don’t think I could reach the levels I would hope for by the time the project is finished. Alone, the limit of time I have with which to perform is cut even shorter when considering that I will need to reserve and wait for proper times to record. Not only that, but the quality of my voice could decrease if I attempt too much at one time. The audio and video editing will also be very time consuming. I had tested the idea with the first song, and while it was a choral piece requiring much more effort to put together than the solos or duets that the rest of the songs are, it showed me that I will need to plan the entire project very carefully, as I could very easily spend much more time on one scene than originally planned. All of this must be considered along side the fact that I have other classes and other obligations as well. Plus, I need to eat and sleep at some point.

Despite all of this, I have confidence that I can produce a quality result that will leave me and everyone else satisfied. As I said in class, even if I don’t finish the full movie, I think I will be continuing the project after the class is over. The idea is exciting to think about, which is why I couldn’t resist the idea once it came to me. As much as it is work, it’s a lot of fun to challenge my skills and make something I can call my own. I have no doubt that no matter how this ends I will look back at this project with fond memories.

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Jocelyn’s Final Proposal

Final Project ProposalsAll week I’ve been trying to thinking of the purpose of my project. I’ve been trying to think of something more than just a grade or to practice my computer skills. What I’ve come up with is this:

I want people to be able to go to my blog and be able to see a creative piece of art. Practicing the skills I’ve learned in class should help accomplish this visually. I would like to create really good visuals that add to my project. I want people to be able to use my blog to better understand Memento, psychology, and memory. I want someone who has never seen the movie to look at my blog and know what it’s about. Maybe even use it as a guideline when they’re watching the movie. I would also like to create a list of other movies like Memento so they can be enjoyed by others.

I plan on slowly creating a blog on wordpress focusing on the movie Memento. Each week I will post two to three posts. One of the posts with be a visual aide and one or two posts will be written responses to certain topics involving the movie. Each written post will be at least two hundred and fifty words. I will be using plenty of pencils and paper before I finally post these items on my blog each week. I will also be using the help of my friend to make sure that I am using the blog site and other programs to the best of my ability. My audience is mainly the people in this class, but I think anyone who is interested in Memento or Psychology and memory will find this blog to be intriguing and helpful. I will be using my creative writing skill for write my posts. For the visual aids I will either be drawing or using snagit/a program similar to it. For my Podcast I will be using the audio program on the Mac. I plan on taking this time to better understand and use many of the programs we’ve played with in class. If they come out good I will add them to my blog posts each week.

For week one I will be creating a “movies in frames” visual. This will have four images from the movie that I feel best play out the storyline of Memento. Since Memento is a film that starts from the ending and works its way back to the beginning I will be placing my images in order of how they actually happen not how the movie lays it out. I haven’t completely decided if I want to do a second “movies in frames” with the images the way the movie lays them out.  Then I will write a post about Memento being a “serious” or educational film. My second post will be about Memento and how it relates to psychology. I am also going to write about Lenny’s condition and how it relates to memory.

During week two I will be mapping out all the places and people Lenny comes into contact with as my visual aide. Then I would like to write a post on how other people were manipulating him in the movie because he can not store short-term memories. My third will be on how at times he was manipulating himself even though he thinks he has a flawless system of making himself remember things in his life. I will be discussing classical conditioning in this post because that is how Lenny makes himself “remember” his day to day life.

During week three I would like to switch it up and post a podcast instead of a visual aide. If I have enough time after the podcast I will post a visual aide because they’re really helpful to me. In this podcast I will be discussing why starting movies from the end are so effective and interesting. I will then write a post about movies that start at the end like Memento.

For the final week I would like to screen shot the best scene from the movie. I haven’t figured out which scene I’m going to use yet but I have time. Since this is the final week of the project I would like to write a post bringing everything together with a nice conclusion. I will write a post or two answering commonly asked questions about the movie and possibly answer some of my own.

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