End of Semester: Final Projects Gallery

And so the semester comes to an end. Thanks for a great course everyone! I have to thank Ahmed for insisting on a class picture; it was a wonderful way of closing out the term.

Back row: Victoria, Peter, Ahmed, Kat, Nida, Natalie & Dhruv. Front row: Jocelyn (with her newborn!), Manuel, Julia & Elan.

Back row: Jay, Victoria, Peter, Ahmed, Kat, Nida, Natalie & Dhruv.
Front row: Jocelyn (with her newborn!), Manuel, Julia & Elan.

Below you’ll find links to all the final projects you produced:

A Look at Martin Scorcese
Dhruv recorded four podcasts focused on the late work of Martin Scorcese, looking at Gangs of New York, The Departed, Shutter Island and Hugo, focusing on the themes than run through them and paying close attention to their opening and closing scenes. Listen to the first one below:

Characters in Movies Reacting to Plot Twists
Jay produced a supercut of, as the title of his video states, characters reacting to plot twists. Beware! There are plenty of spoilers for films as diverse as Star Wars, The Sixth Sense and Black Swan.

Original Art by Kat herself!

An Inside Look at Miyazaki
Kat created a Tumblr dedicated to director Hayao Miyazaki and three of his most lauded films (Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke). Check it out to see her artwork, as well as to learn more about these films.

Clocks vs Gatsby and Titanic
Victoria channels the spirit of Coldplay’s “Clocks” to create a mashup of two of Leonardo DiCaprio’s biggest films, Titanic and The Great Gatsby. See the result below:

Delicious looking cupcake from Foodista on the Rise

– Foodista on the Rise Blog
Nida created a Julie & Julia inspired recipe blog using Tumblr where she posted several recipes from Julia Child’s Mastering The Art of French Cooking pairing them with pictures and anecdotes from her own attempts at reproducing them.

Clint Eastwood: The Original Badass
Looking at someone he dubs “the original badass” and “an icon of masculinity,” Peter created a supercut of (in)famous Eastwood moments and performances, from Dirty Harry to Gran Torino.

Tarantino | A Cappella
Ahmed recruited some friends and produced an a cappella medley of songs famously featured in Quentin Tarantino films, including “Staying Alive” (Full Tilt Boogie), “Woo Hoo” (Kill Bill), “100 Black Coffins” (Django Unchained“Bang Bang” (Kill Bill). Listen below:

Being a Gangster
Alex created an extended video look into the template that goes into making a gangster film, from The Public Enemy to Scarface. Take a look:

Guy Pearce in Memento

Memento Memory
Jocelyn’s blog explores Christopher Nolan’s Memento in full detail, offering a wide variety of posts and discussions on the themes and images of this mind-bending film.

Jared Leto- What Does He Really Look Like?
Natalie took her love of Jared Leto and channeled it into a video exploration of Leto’s penchant for extreme changes in his appearance for his roles, from losing weight for Dallas Buyers Club to donning cornrows for Panic Room:

Disney’s Frozen: One-Man Dub – Frozen Heart
Elan flexed his singing and editing muscles and dubbed the opening number of Disney’s Frozen. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see the rest of the film dubbed like this.

How Frozen and Tangled Overlap
Elan wasn’t the only one who worked on Disney’s latest behemoth. Julia explores the film’s similarities with another recent Disney film, Tangled. Watch below:


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