Natalie’s Final Project Proposal

Final Project Proposals

From our discussion last week and from much further thought, I have decided to change my project from Jared Leto’s career to Jared Leto’s transformations for his career. When I was looking at clips from his movies, I realized there’s close to no movies in which he actually looks like himself in real life. The majority of the movies he is in there is a huge transformation. For example, the biggest ones being Chapter 27 and Dallas Buyers Club. In most of his roles, he had to change his hairstyle to eccentric ways. Some examples include Alexander, Panic Room, and Lonely Hearts. I am still going to be making a video. I will be mashing up clips together that show how different he looks in all of his roles. Because this will be very short, I will also include a short interview or two about his transformations for roles. Read this article about Leto’s Dallas Buyers Club transformation:


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