Kat’s Final Project Proposal

Final Project Proposals

An Inside look at Hayao Miyazaki movies- Tumblr.

For my final project (as I had stated before) I am interested in making a tumblr account that goes a little in depth about the hidden meanings behind 3 of Miyazaki’s most popular films: Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and My Neighbor Totoro.

The tumblr account will have posts that are tagged according to the movie they refer to and what kind of post they are so that users can easily find them through the navigation section on the left.

The types of posts that I will make include:

-a short biography about Hayao Miyazaki

-summaries of the 3 films

-an inside look behind the meaning of the 3 films

-imaginary blogs made by various characters in the films

-the occasional miscellaneous picture that is related to the films (some of which will be made by me, and others will be from other tumblrs that I find in order to make the site more like a typical tumblr account).

In order to make the tumblr account cohesive and posted in a logical format I will be holding all of my posts to post at the very end. So in other words I will be saving the separate posts as drafts as I create them and when I finish with all the posts I want to make I will release them in a certain order so that if a user does not want to use the navigation links on the side they can just continuously scroll down to see all the information I have.

To find all the information I need I will be searching around a lot of websites (probably through google) and I have already found some sites that talk about the symbolism in Miyazaki’s films. And then to find out more about Miyazaki and his history I will be finding various pages including his official website and maybe even publish books about him. In the history of Miyazaki I also plan on going a little bit into the history of the company he founded, Studio Ghibli and I will briefly go over the other works that Miyazaki has made. But I do not want to lose focus and get side tracked so I will just be listing all the movies the company has made.

Some things that I will require for this project is giving myself ample time to do research on all the things I want to cover. I also will need time to create the images I would like to post. And lastly I will be asking my cousin to send me pictures of her dressed up as certain characters. It is a lot of work and in order for me to get all the components together I will be giving myself personal deadlines to meet so that I can keep up with the project in a timely manner.

The intended audience I have in mind will be Miyazaki fans like myself who are interested in learning more about Miyazaki’s film and just overall enjoying themselves on my tumblr page. I want the page to be interesting and not read like a textbook. I will do my best to make it interesting by writing in my own style and having pictures to aid heavier paragraphs.

Besides tumblr, I will probably be using photoshop and painter in order to create the images I want. I do not think I have time to incorporate any videos or make any gifs without overwhelming myself so I will probably stay away from those forms of media unless I have extra time to teach myself. But if I find interesting videos I will be sure to reblog them. Also I will be adding a music player on the tumblr account to make visiting my page a more immersive experience.

The overall purpose of this tumblr account is for me to learn more about my favorite animator and the intricate worlds he created throughout the years as well as to share my love for his films with other people. I have never met someone who does not like a Miyazaki movie–only people who had never seen his films. So I hope to not disappoint my fellow fans and create a tumblr account with truly interesting things to say about the 3 films I want to focus on. I hope that people will learn something new as I’m sure I will be learning a lot from this project. I also hope to learn more about using new medias and technologies and incorporating them into one cohesive work.

For anyone interested, I already created the tumblr account but there is nothing on it yet. The url is http://beyondmiyazaki.tumblr.com/

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