Peter’s Final Project Proposal

Final Project ProposalsAlright, so after hemming and hawing with a plethora of ideas such as types of movies, awards won and why, who does what and where and at what time period I’ve thought of over 20 ideas, yet, none of these enticed me nor seemed very narrow. I either had an idea that sounded great on paper, but was hard to execute, or something that was easy to execute and narrow, but I didn’t have enough scenes to work with. The idea that finally led me to this idea of creating a mash-up of cliches, one, if executed correctly, would create a nicely formulated poem/creative prose that would have some type of fluency. Yet, the theme was not there, but after remembering one of the most quoted lines of all time, it finally hit me…”Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” AND THAT’S IT!!

I will engage with Clint Eastwood films, particularly, Clint Eastwood shooting people and things, which of course he loves to do. Since he has been in over 20 films, I will have plenty of scenes to work with, great lines that lead up to shots being fired, all focusing on one of the great cultural icons of masculinity. With myself having been on a Clint Eastwood movie binge before, I know how amazing of an actor he is and how his deadpan expression and curt responses can create a beautiful “calm before the storm” effect, thus allowing my piece to have a strong sense of tension along with an exorbitant amount of action and of course, death. My audience will, in effect, be large, catering not only to the Clint Eastwood fans of the world, but any film viewer who enjoys action and watching people get shot. Which I’m sure is a large audience, who doesn’t enjoy death? Thus, armed with this idea of death, action, and all around masculinity, I have begun my slow but enduring journey into finding all Clint Eastwood movies, which will be my raw material. These will include, but not be limited to: A Fist Full of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Hang Em High, Coogans Bluff, Two Mules for Sister Sara, Magnum Force, Joe Kidd, Dirty Harry, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Unforgiven, and of course, Gran Torino. Utilizing these movies, which I already have most of, will allow me to have access to over several dozen shootouts, target practices, and copious amounts of death. I can have all different types of shots like long range sniper shots, short range suspenseful shots, ones with a quick draw and ones in which Clint Eastwood is basically just a straight boss saying some sweet one-liner right before blowing some guys head off. All in all, I feel as though this is narrow, specific, entails a theme and a specific actor, and has all the necessary means in which to create a great piece. I thought this was a good idea after seeing the natalie portman cries a lot video, which got me to thinking about what other type of actor does something similiar, in the sense that they do it often. Thus the idea of Clint Eastwood shooting off a .347 magnum was born!

Finally, of course I will need some type of program to make this idea feasible, so I am choosing to use a video editing software, but since I am not well versed in this type of software, I feel like that will be the hardest part for myself. Thus, I hope by the end of this project I will be able to correctly use, even on a basic level, video software on macs. Heck, maybe I’ll actually become a mac user, you never know, I might become entrenched in the idea of being able to be creative in other ways. All in all, this is a large step outside my comfort zone because I have, up until this point, only had creative experience in writing prose, poetry, and fiction. Of course if this idea is too optimistic, I can always take the easy way out, spend a maximum of a few hours on make poems and prose based off of films, maybe remake the ended of some of my favorite films in writing form, the possibilities are endless when in comes to expressing myself in written format. But, I feel like this is creating myself in some sense, which is why I chose to pursue this scary situation instead. We experience the most growth when out of our comfort zone, and that is exactly where I intend to place myself.


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