Julia’s Final Project Proposal

Final Project ProposalsIf I haven’t made it obvious already, I’m obsessed with all things Disney. I love the movies, the theme parks, the music, just everything that Disney has created. They have so many genius works, and I want to take a closer look into their latest phenomenons, Tangled and Frozen.  Both these films have joined the ranks as “Disney Classics,” as Pixar is not involved and they are in a musical format. However, Disney presents them both in computer animation, much like in Pixar movies. In other words, they put a modern spin on the classic musical movies that Disney is famous for. These movies are similar in so many ways, which highlights the idea that Disney has figured out what people are most entertained by, and used that to their advantage.  This is in no way a drawback about Disney because despite the similarities, they managed to create so many great films, each with their own prestige and entertainment value.

For my project, I want to draw the parallels between the two movies, since they are very similar in characters and themes.  These parallels include: a girl with special powers who is trapped all her life but finally escapes and is on the run from something because of those power, a guy with a large animal that acts like a dog, a random sidekick for comic relief, a girl falling in love with the guy with the animal who helps her complete her “mission”, and more!

I will most likely do this in video format using iMovie on my computer, since I know that program pretty well, but I would still like to explore its different uses. I am going to find clips from both movies that I can cut together to show each aspect that I want to compare.  These clips would be very short just to illustrate my point because I think it would be overkill to include an entire scene from the movies.  Then I’ll use text in between clips to introduce each new idea. However, I might try to edit and mix the clips a little more than just showing one movie than the other movie then the text and repeat, again, to increase the interest value.  To draw the attention of Disney lovers and not, I will try to make these transitions more interesting by making them colorful and using imagery as well as including humor and phrases that spark intrigue and curiosity in any person who enjoys movies (and weird theories).  I want people to be asking the question, “Wait how can you make that comparison?” I don’t think I’m going to superimpose the clips together, as I would rather show the audience the clips separately to really give them a chance to see how similar the ideas really are.  My hope, also, is that the video is not too long because I don’t want it to drag and become boring, but I also want to make sure I fully explore the parallel, and that it is eye-catching and entertaining.

To take it a step further, I am going to cut together the soundtracks, since they are an integral part of both movies. Although the music in each is composed by different people, I believe that they still have a similar sound and will flow together smoothly. I’ll probably use audacity to edit the music together in a way that shows this parallel, and have it playing behind the clips and images that I put in the video.  If there is dialogue I want to use in the movie clips, I can have the music volume decrease for that part.  I don’t think it would work well to completely cut the soundtrack out for clips with dialogue because it might make it a little choppy sounding.  I want to do this to get a better handle on how to use this program since it is very user-friendly, and it has a lot of potential to make some great projects.

At the end of the video, I want to show the one real difference between that two movies and that is the idea of true love saving the day.  This is a common theme in Disney, so of course it shows up in both these movies too. However, usually true love implies a romantic relationship between a man and a woman (Rapunzel’s kiss saves Flynn), but Frozen completely blows this cookie-cutter idea out of the water when her sister’s love is what save’s Anna, not her crush Christophe. I really love this plot twist because Disney “did what they always do” but at the same time, they changed it up to keep everyone on their feet. Girl power for the win!!

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