Jocelyn’s Final Proposal

Final Project ProposalsAll week I’ve been trying to thinking of the purpose of my project. I’ve been trying to think of something more than just a grade or to practice my computer skills. What I’ve come up with is this:

I want people to be able to go to my blog and be able to see a creative piece of art. Practicing the skills I’ve learned in class should help accomplish this visually. I would like to create really good visuals that add to my project. I want people to be able to use my blog to better understand Memento, psychology, and memory. I want someone who has never seen the movie to look at my blog and know what it’s about. Maybe even use it as a guideline when they’re watching the movie. I would also like to create a list of other movies like Memento so they can be enjoyed by others.

I plan on slowly creating a blog on wordpress focusing on the movie Memento. Each week I will post two to three posts. One of the posts with be a visual aide and one or two posts will be written responses to certain topics involving the movie. Each written post will be at least two hundred and fifty words. I will be using plenty of pencils and paper before I finally post these items on my blog each week. I will also be using the help of my friend to make sure that I am using the blog site and other programs to the best of my ability. My audience is mainly the people in this class, but I think anyone who is interested in Memento or Psychology and memory will find this blog to be intriguing and helpful. I will be using my creative writing skill for write my posts. For the visual aids I will either be drawing or using snagit/a program similar to it. For my Podcast I will be using the audio program on the Mac. I plan on taking this time to better understand and use many of the programs we’ve played with in class. If they come out good I will add them to my blog posts each week.

For week one I will be creating a “movies in frames” visual. This will have four images from the movie that I feel best play out the storyline of Memento. Since Memento is a film that starts from the ending and works its way back to the beginning I will be placing my images in order of how they actually happen not how the movie lays it out. I haven’t completely decided if I want to do a second “movies in frames” with the images the way the movie lays them out.  Then I will write a post about Memento being a “serious” or educational film. My second post will be about Memento and how it relates to psychology. I am also going to write about Lenny’s condition and how it relates to memory.

During week two I will be mapping out all the places and people Lenny comes into contact with as my visual aide. Then I would like to write a post on how other people were manipulating him in the movie because he can not store short-term memories. My third will be on how at times he was manipulating himself even though he thinks he has a flawless system of making himself remember things in his life. I will be discussing classical conditioning in this post because that is how Lenny makes himself “remember” his day to day life.

During week three I would like to switch it up and post a podcast instead of a visual aide. If I have enough time after the podcast I will post a visual aide because they’re really helpful to me. In this podcast I will be discussing why starting movies from the end are so effective and interesting. I will then write a post about movies that start at the end like Memento.

For the final week I would like to screen shot the best scene from the movie. I haven’t figured out which scene I’m going to use yet but I have time. Since this is the final week of the project I would like to write a post bringing everything together with a nice conclusion. I will write a post or two answering commonly asked questions about the movie and possibly answer some of my own.

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