Elan’s Final Project: Disney’s Frozen: A One-Man Dub

Final Project Proposals

Disney’s Frozen: A One-Man Dub

For my final Project I will be voicing over the dialogue and songs of all characters in the movie Frozen. I intend to emulate the original actor’s voices as closely as possible.I will record video of myself performing, viewable side by side with the original Disney animation. For materials I will be using a microphone, a high definition webcam, and the original copy of Disney’s Frozen. I expect to use Audacity for recording and audio editing and Sony Vegas for combining the multiple video tracks onto one screen. Frozen already has a very large established audience. This being a fan made project, I think it would be welcomed in that community. I would also like to make this project in a way that I can show my friends to enjoy.

I have my work cut out for me, as the range of voices in Frozen are as vibrant as the animation, and the voices are as diverse as the characters they belong to. My biggest obstacle is going to be the range I will need for my voice in order to pull of sounding anything like the actual characters. This is also one of my main motivations for choosing a movie like Frozen, however. I love the idea of voice acting but as of yet I have never actually produced anything before, despite the preparations I have made in order to do so.

I really enjoy Frozen, as do many of my friends, because of the underlying themes of depression and anxiety that nobody really expected in a Disney princess film. These are things I can relate to personally and I believe it will help my performance to really carry the emotion into my acting. There are also many songs, which I think will be very enjoyable to work on. Rather than simply voicing the characters’ speaking roles, I will also be singing for each character, in their voice part. I hope to either do this very well and amaze people, or at least perform it spectacularly badly, that way people can still find it amusing.

The two aspects of this project I worry about are the range and the time constraints. I used to sing with others in a choral ensemble in high school, but since then I haven’t practiced using my voice very much. increasing my range isn’t necessarily difficult, but it takes patience and a lot of time. I don’t think I could reach the levels I would hope for by the time the project is finished. Alone, the limit of time I have with which to perform is cut even shorter when considering that I will need to reserve and wait for proper times to record. Not only that, but the quality of my voice could decrease if I attempt too much at one time. The audio and video editing will also be very time consuming. I had tested the idea with the first song, and while it was a choral piece requiring much more effort to put together than the solos or duets that the rest of the songs are, it showed me that I will need to plan the entire project very carefully, as I could very easily spend much more time on one scene than originally planned. All of this must be considered along side the fact that I have other classes and other obligations as well. Plus, I need to eat and sleep at some point.

Despite all of this, I have confidence that I can produce a quality result that will leave me and everyone else satisfied. As I said in class, even if I don’t finish the full movie, I think I will be continuing the project after the class is over. The idea is exciting to think about, which is why I couldn’t resist the idea once it came to me. As much as it is work, it’s a lot of fun to challenge my skills and make something I can call my own. I have no doubt that no matter how this ends I will look back at this project with fond memories.

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