Dhruv’s Final Project- “Title Undecided”

Final Project ProposalsMy project will focus on Martin Scorsese. I am a fan of his films. I will be focusing my project on three specific films; Gangs of New York, Shutter Island, and The Departed.

My plan is to have this project become a Podcast involving myself talking about the Plot/Themes/ common aspects of Scorsese’s films. I will narrow my talking points down to one theme that is portrayed in the three films. I want to focus on how Scorsese portrays the different struggles and if similarities and differences between them. By focusing on 1-2 themes, it will prevent the podcast from rambling or going off topic. I chose these three films because they are all considered thrillers or crime films ranging from 2002-2010. Since the purpose of the podcast is to look for the similarities between Scorsese’s work I wanted the films to be of a similar nature.

The software I plan to use would be audacity to create the podcast, as we all have a bit of familiarity with it from one of our previous projects. I think focusing on Audacity as will allow me to get a better handle on voice software. My plans for my project either Podcast will require some background research on Scorsese and watching the videos a few times.

The background research will focus on reviews on Scorsese’s films and his common styles of directing.  Raw materials will further include using a variety of youtube clips and probably a song or two in the background.

The audience for my project will be general public/ people who might not have seen the films.

For my project I would also include written blurbs on my blog about each movie and about Martin Scorsese.  This would also include some supplementary youtube clips for viewers to look at as I will be examining other critiques and even referencing them in the podcasts.

The breakdown of the podcasts will be the first podcast including a short introduction followed by a summary of Martin Scorsese based on prior research and then a summary of the plot. From this point, I would find several specific scenes to review and I would focus on themes and trends of scorsese’s films.

The other three podcasts would focus on each movie but relate to the previous movies. The last podcast would probably be the longest and have a small overlap with the other podcasts. The reason I plan to have it this way is to make sure that my audience will be able to easily follow along based off the first podcast episode and can still benefit from any individual podcast.

Podcast 1: Gangs of New York

Podcast 2:The Departed will include similarities or differences from the previous film

Podcast 3: Shutter Island will include similarities or differences from the previous films

Maybe podcast 4:

A Keynote project, which is a maybe and a plan B would involve all for films broken down into 1 involved video project. This has the potential to be more focused but the risk is in my knowledge and comfort with keynote software.

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