Ahmed’s Final Project Proposal

Final Project ProposalsHave you ever sat in a room with four other people and just tried to figure out what you want to do? It sounds tremendously easy especially if you are all friends that have the same exact mindset as each other, but then the ideas start flowing. One after the next, and each one more intricate than the last, like when someone said, “WE SHOULD REENACT THE BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY SCENE FROM WAYNE’S WORLD BUT DO IT ALL A CAPPELLA,” everyone jumped at the idea and exclaimed how great it would be, but we decided it would be too easy and that we could do way better than that, so the ideas kept flowing. After hours of contemplating one tends to feel overwhelmed near the end when everyone just wants to go home and sleep. But that is when the decision is made. For me, it happened around 11, when everyone started yawning. We decided that the best idea was the first one we came up with. We decided to do a medley of songs from Quentin Tarantino movies.
Finally, those seven or eight years of music I have under my belt can kick in and do something good for once rather than just be nothing. However, due to the limited words in the songs, we will be doing it a capella. We decided to include songs that are essentially famous for being in a Tarantino film, as well as others that were famous long before the movies. The list of songs has yet to be finalized, but we are hoping to include “Stayin Alive” by The Bee Gees and “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra along with “Woo Hoo” by the’s and many others. For the most part it will be up tempo and will feature songs from almost all of the Tarantino films.
The songs we chose are fun songs that cater to the entire Tarantino audience as well as music fanatics in general. The reason we chose Quentin Tarantino films is because he had always been great at choosing the music that accompanies his films. Also, they are all really fun to do and have not been done before. The fact that we are the first to do it poses a bigger challenge because we don’t have anyone to base our singing parts off of.
Unfortunately, the music video has yet to be decided on, however, that is more of a secondary objective seeing as how the recording and its quality are more important. Once we finish the recording of the actual soundtrack we will find a video idea and lipsync our mouths to the words and sounds. Also, we may just record ourselves tastefully while recording the music like how many musicians tend to do when their music comes before any kind of aesthetic pleasure or perfection.
We will still be using voice editing software along with a studio microphone, and possibly a camera with video editing software. The video is the only questionable part as of right now, I hope we can do one because it will reach a wider audience because a lot more people prefer to watch something rather than hear it alone, but it will be difficult with the time constraints.
Before I  go I feel like I should introduce you to those who are going to help me with this project. Just remember that this is tentative, we all have our own lives and, even though we are friends, we do not get to see each other a lot, so this is a stable lineup thus far but it may change due to unforeseen reasons. (Top Left: Sarah C. (Alto) Top Right: Matt Y. (Beatbox) Bottom Left: Matt R. (Tenor) Bottom Right: Jessica M (Soprano))

SarahMatt Y.Matt R.Jessica

These people are fantastically talented and I can not wait to start working with them on this project. And I hope you guys enjoy the final project we can produce.

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