The Purpose of the Final Project: “Why?”

Final Project Guidelines (you can find this in a Google Doc here)

Due Dates
Tue April 1st 5pm – Rough Draft of Project Proposal, 500 words (posted on YOUR blog)
Tue April 8th 5pm – Final Draft of Project Proposal, 750 words (posted on COURSE blog)
Thu May 1st in-class – Final Project ready

Project Requirements
1. Must engage with film in some capacity (one scene, a collection of films, film stills, etc.)
2. Must be a “multimedia/digital” project (ie. must be hosted online)
3. Can take any form you choose (a site, a Tumblr, a video, a podcast, an eBook, etc.)
4. Post short blurb and link to it on your blog by the time of our last meeting.

Project Proposal
Your proposal should sketch out what you want your project to accomplish. It should answer the following questions and ideally the answer for each question will inform the other ones.
What do you want your project to focus on?
What medium will your project take?
What raw materials will you need for the project?
Who is the audience for your project?
What skills/software do you expect to use?
Additionally: which skills and software tools would you like to have a better handle on?
Any help/feedback you’d like from your peers or myself.

As I began reading your proposals, it struck me we hadn’t discussed the purpose of your final projects (beyond, of course, getting you to practice and hone the skills and creative possibilities we’ve discussed all semester). That is to say, the core motivating factor for this class has been to see what these new media and digital technologies contribute to our growing understanding of film and film criticism. Thus, each of your projects should really take on this larger question. For today, and as we peer review everyone’s projects, I want us to have this in mind so we can all create valuable and interesting projects.

To do this, I want us to look at two projects to see if we can discern the purpose (the goal, the aim, the objective, the argument, etc.) behind them:

1. Natalie Portman Cries A Lot

2. Wes Anderson // Centered

3. Pocahontas/Avatar Mashup

4. Single Director/Film Sites

Christopher Nolan Blog

Cigarettes & Red Vine (P.T. Anderson blog)

Fincher Fanatic

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