Sound Resources (Communal Post)

We all looked around the web for resources on cinema audio and/or sites that are interested in audio/sound in the movies.

Jocelyn –
Here is a brief history of how sound entered the movie scene.

Peter –
Here is a playlist I created with Soundcloud after looking over the soundtracks of my favorite Quentin Tarantino films, Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2, Pulp Fiction, Grindhouse Death Proof, and Reservoir Dogs. You can see a reoccurring use of funk and old-school rock which help with the setting of each film. I do find it to add a lot to his films, giving a more upbeat notion, in scenes where murder and misfortune are common place.

Kat –
Bloom-Pogo. Pogo is a YouTube user who creates song mash ups from different movies that aren’t necessarily musical in style. He works diligently to make a beat out of various sounds throughout the films. What I find beautiful about this particular video is that it’s a mash up of a lot of the Disney princess movies and creates a very whimsical song that I think accurately describes the feel of most Disney princess movies. For those interested in more works by Pogo, my other favorites by him include Upular and Alice.

Victoria –
Here are clips on famous scores from John Williams. His scores include that of the Olympic games anthem, E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialStar Wars, et cetera. John Williams is even compared to Beethoven… I think the significance of Williams in our discussion is important because his music creation has a lot to do with creating an art form and highly considering the client. Each of Williams’ scores has a sense of a well-thought out composition, each highly pertaining to their individual subject manners. For example, Williams will use his music composition differently in Saving Private Ryan than he does for Star Wars. The speaker says that Williams’ music for Star Wars, “Makes you feel like you have to fight for your life… Feel the tension…”

Julia –
Here is an article called Seven Incredible Movie Sounds and How They Were Made.  It talks about some of the really strange sounds you hear in movies that you would never be able to guess what they used to make them, including the unmistakable sound of lightsabers and the noises of Transformers.  This is a very interesting read and really makes you think about how creative these film audio directors are. Unfortunately, it does not provide any links to video examples of each sound, so I provided most of them below.

Ahmed –
My source comes from the magical land of YouTube. It is a channel by the name of legolambs. It was created and is run by John and Al Kaplan. It is hard to explain what these guys focus on because they do almost everything. From rescoring classic scenes as if they were a different composer to making commentaries about actors through song. However, I will say that my favorite is when they make musicals as the main characters from movies. Here is a clip.

Jay –
I also found a video from youtube it was created by youtube user Bdrillo.  In the video it shows a clip from Jaws without music and then shows the clip with music.  This video shows the mood music can convey and the power it has to change the feeling a movie can give.  The scene without music seems very mundane but when it is shown with the music it has a very tense feeling because of the way the music builds up.  The description of the video mentioned that the video was an example of Diegetic vs. Non-Diegetic sound which I learned is sound created or implied to be created within the film vs. sound explicitly added to the film, such as music.

Nida –
A common but often overlooked method of organizing sound from television shows: a simple list. Most television shows use at least clips of songs in each episode. This tumblr post simply aggregates all the songs used throughout all the episodes of the show Night Vale.
TV and Film Soundbites: This Tumblr invites requests/suggestions from users for specific moments from TV shows and films to pull sound bites from.

Alex – 
Everybody’s seen The Dark Knight Rises so when you see Bane come up in the video you aren’t expecting him to say “What did you have for breakfast?”. This video plays with our expectations of what we’ve seen in movies to make parody. People who’ve seen the movie have a perception of Bane as a menacing villain and this video keeps the serious ominous tone from the film but changes the audio dialogue of a few characters for a hilarious contrast between them. The video does the same thing with Batman not by dialogue but by adding in music that sounds like it’s in the world of video. The serious Batman we know is changed into some guy blasting Mortal Combat in his ride through the city. Audio in movies is often overlooked but as shown here it can sometimes be the difference between a serous film of The Batman vs. Bane to douche bag who plays obnoxious music vs. Rapper fitness fanatic gym rat.

Dhruv –
There is a Tumblr called Sounds Familiar that focuses on the sounds in Pop Culture that is very interesting, I’ve briefly looked over it. Various blog posts within the Tumblr focus on the podcast with the topic of sound in pop culture. Podcast #7 goes towards the sounds with in movies.
This Youtube video was also interesting in listing out the top 10 most memorable movie sounds:


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