Adaptation: Twitter Reviews

Last week we caught up with Spike Jonze’s Adaptation (2002), a film about composing multimedia work from originally purely-print materials.

For this week’s Blog Challenge, we wrote out Twitter-length reviews of Jonze’s film. Here’s what we came up with — I added mine at the end.

(Tweets link to individual posts on the film):

Adaptation 03 @ahilerio: Adaptation is reflection of the process of adapting media yet at the same time empathizes with it’s flawed characters in a very human way.

Adaptation 07 @victoriatullo: The Kaufman brothers take on the “id” and the “ego” in ADAPTATION wherein obsession takes the wheel and rationalism is the backseat driver.

Adaptation 11 @Dhruv_Patel1: Adaptation, B, difficult to follow but great imagery and it does tie in at the end, character development and theme was prevalent in film.

Adaptation 02 @juliamotis: Adaptation was entertaining but weird. Inception-like and had too many Nicholas Cages for my liking. Good criticism of Hollywood’s pitfalls.

Adaptation 10 @manpretty: A barrage of colorful images, a concert of dissonant music, ADAPTATION is great, confusing at times, but made me feel a little smarter.

Adaptation 08 @kpro: “Adaptation”: ✩✩✩ Overall interesting and thought provoking movie. But I wouldnt want to watch again b/c I find it overly drawn out at times

Adaptation 09 @eblaster101: Adaptation acts so smug, pointing out some of its own flaws, being so meta. But the movie has so many layers of flaws it just looks silly.

Adaptation 04 @ruince: Adaptation B, quality film in the nostalgic sense of quality film, not for the cinephiles & plebeians, true appreciators of cinema only

Adaptation 01 @nataliezamoraa: Adaptation is a good example of Jonze’s mind stimulating films. The character’s nervous and obsessive tendencies add up to a great story

Adaptation 06 @Jay: Spike Jonze’s movie Adaptation was an interesting thriller that provided an original and very self-aware story.

Adaptation 12@NidaA: An exploration on methods of representation and also of an understanding of “real life”. Thought provoking but long and dull at points.

maxresdefault@atweetnextdoor: ADAPTATION (Jonze, A-) Cage has seldom been better, Meryl rarely this looser: Kauffman² & Jonze’s rubik’s cube of a film is a wonder.

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